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A&G Legal Best Litigation Services In Delhi

Litigation Services In Delhi

As we know with the rising awareness and the increasing ease of approaching the courts, Litigation has become a preferred dispute resolution mechanism for the people. Litigation may be Civil, Commercial, or Criminal. That’s where comes A&G Legal one of the best Litigation Services in Delhi at the most reasonable price.

Civil Litigation includes all litigation that is non-criminal in nature. Therefore, the scope of civil litigation extends from disputes dealing with marital relationships to contractual disputes between corporations. The scope also includes property disputes, employment-related disputes, etc. Unlike criminal disputes, a civil dispute involves two individuals or legal entities (company, trust, NGO, etc.).

Commercial Litigation or Corporate Litigation is one, albeit major, part of Civil Litigation. Corporate Litigation includes those disputes that have a firm/corporation as either one or both parties.

Criminal litigation in India is predominantly governed by three Acts, i.e., the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC), the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC), and the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. Apart from these primary criminal laws, criminal jurisprudence consists of several other laws that address special crimes. For example, the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences, 2012 (POCSO) criminalizes sexual misconduct towards children, The POSH Act, 2013 criminalizes sexual harassment of women in the workplace, etc. 

A&G Legal Civil & Commercial Litigation Services In Delhi

The Civil Litigation team at A&G has extensive experience in the District Courts of Delhi, High Courts, and the Supreme Court. The team handles a wide variety of civil and commercial disputes including the following:-

In addition to the above, some of our Advocates hold the positions of Senior Panel Counsels of the Government of India and Standing Counsel of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. They have successfully represented the Central Government in several cases. 

The team also specializes in handling Writ Petitions before the High Courts and Special Leave Petitions before the Supreme Court of India. Our Advocates have accomplished a name for themselves and the firm at various forums including tribunals. We provide assistance at every level of the dispute resolution mechanism so as to ensure that the client's issue can be resolved in every possible manner.

Criminal Litigation Services In Delhi At A&G Legal

With over 30 years of experience, our Advocates have established a remarkable presence in the District Courts of Delhi, the High Court of Delhi, and the Supreme Court. We also appear before the High Court of Punjab and Haryana and the High Court of Uttarakhand. Our experience includes various cases of cheque bouncing, pleading for bail including anticipatory bail, quashing of FIR, etc. 

Types Of Litigation Services In Criminal Law

A&G Legals provides various types of Litigation services as we mentioned below.

1. Criminal Trial

A criminal trial is a formal process where the prosecution and defense present their cases before a judge or jury. At A&G Legals, we provide robust representation for clients involved in criminal trials.

2. Criminal Complaints and FIR

Filing a criminal complaint or responding to a First Information Report (FIR) can be a daunting task. Our legal team offers comprehensive services to manage these processes effectively:

3. Anticipatory Bail

Anticipatory bail is a legal provision that allows individuals to seek bail in anticipation of an arrest on accusation of having committed a non-bailable offense.

4. Parole and Interim Bail

Parole and interim bail are crucial for individuals seeking temporary release from custody.

Frequently Asked Question

At A&G Legals, we handle a wide range of litigation cases including civil disputes, commercial litigation, property disputes, family law cases, labor and employment disputes, and criminal defense.

You can schedule a consultation by contacting us through our website, phone, or email. Our team will arrange a convenient time for you to discuss your case with one of our experienced lawyers.

For your initial consultation, please bring any relevant documents related to your case, such as contracts, correspondence, court documents, and any other materials that can provide context and details about your situation.

The cost of our litigation services varies depending on the complexity and nature of the case. We offer transparent pricing and will provide a detailed fee structure after understanding the specifics of your case during the consultation.

The duration of a litigation case depends on various factors, including the complexity of the case, the court's schedule, and the cooperation of the involved parties. We strive to resolve cases efficiently while ensuring thorough and effective representation.
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